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Back to School: Best Tiffin Tips

Back to School: Best Tiffin Tips Recipe by India Food Network
It’s that time of the year again, when summer has come to an end and with it so have the summer vacations. And with schools re-opening, mothers are in a fix trying to answer the eternal question, “how do I get my child to eat their tiffin”?
A child’s lunch box is more than just a style-statement amongst their friends, it is what can make or break your child’s health and immunity with what’s being served in it every day.
So, here are some tips for your kid’s lunch box recipes to make sure your little one cleans out their tiffin within minutes.
While what goes into the tiffin is important, how it looks is equally important. No one wants to eat food that doesn’t look appetising. Try using different shapes and sizes or even your child’s favourite cartoon character as part of creative lunch box ideas. By making sure the food looks good, you can increase the chances of getting back an empty tiffin.
Getting the same meal everyday can be boring. Switch it up every now and then with different dishes and desserts. Add an apple, a packet of biscuits or even some whole grain pasta and salad in your little one’s tiffin. Just a little effort in planning your child’s school tiffin recipes can go a long way.
Health Factor
Although the look and taste of the tiffin is important, a healthy lunch box is paramount. Fruits and veggies need to be a part of your child’s tiffin with carbs, proteins and so on. If your child is a fussy eater, make dishes which incorporate all the ingredients without a prominent taste.
One should always aim to eat simple, but a little innovation can go a long way. If your child is fed up of eating the same veggies and rice, innovate a little to make something fun and different. Make quirky dishes with the same or different ingredients, like a chapatti pizza to make sure your little one takes more interest in their tiffin and what’s in it.
Don’t forget the condiments
No matter what you pack for your child’s tiffin, don’t forget to add condiments on the side. A little ketchup, mustard or even chilli sauce can add a lot of zing to the food and make your simplest dishes stand out and taste delicious. So whether you are packing burgers, sandwiches or even aloo parathas, make sure you give small packets of your child’s favourite condiment.
Surprise Elements
Everyone loves surprises, especially your kids! Put a few of your child’s favourite chocolates or a small packet of chips and sweets to surprise and encourage your child to finish off their tiffin box. 
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