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Shagun Mehra


Plucked straight from the beaches of Goa, Shagun Mehra knows everything there is to know about good food. And why wouldn’t she, having studied at Ecole Les Roches in Switzerland following a stint at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, she’s got the know how we need, to create the perfect tiffin.
My friend's mother used to make the most delicious parathas using leftover dal from the night before. It was spiced with chilli powder, had fresh coriander and crunchy onions that were caramelized on the pan. My daughter Mira loves a homemade Prawn Burger! With lots of ketchup of course.

RECIPES BY Shagun Mehra

Bombay Toastie Sandwich Recipe by Shagun Mehra
Day 1 / Week 9
15 mins
Mini Paneer And Curry Leaf Slider Recipe by Shagun Mehra
Day 2 / Week 9
15 mins
Popcorn Chicken Recipe by Shagun Mehra
Day 3 / Week 9
20 mins
Chicken Wrap Recipe by Shagun Mehra
Day 4 / Week 9
15 mins
Steam Rice Pudding Recipe by Shagun Mehra
Day 5 / Week 9
15 mins