Neha Mathur


Always trust the consultant! Neha Mathur has lent her expertise to top food brands and helped start-ups design their menus. Who better to take on the challenge of creating new, healthy and delicious recipes for your child’s tiffin.
As a child, my tiffins were the most sought after. My mom made sure our tiffins were interesting every day with variations of various recipes. My son wants to finish his lunch quickly, so he has enough time to play with his friends at lunch time. He likes to eat something that he can grab and keep eating while playing. The recipes should also be visually interesting. I keep these in mind while packing his lunch.

RECIPES BY Neha Mathur

Beetroot Oats Idli Recipe by Neha Mathur
Day1/Week 5/Season 1
15 mins
Bread Pizza Recipe by Neha Mathur
Day2/Week 5/Season 1
15 mins
French Toast Roll Up Recipe by Neha Mathur
Day3/Week 5/Season 1
10 mins
Vegetable Curd Sandwich Recipe by Neha Mathur
Day4/Week 5/Season 1
15 mins
Mix Veg Paratha Recipe by Neha Mathur
Day5/Week 5/Season 1
20 mins