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Nandita Iyer


Every team needs a wordsmith! Bangalore-based food writer and columnist, Nandita Iyer is as passionate about healthy cooking as she is about her writing. That’s why she’s on-board to help us create tiffin recipes that will keep your child’s nutrition on point!
One tiffin memory I fondly remember are the aloo parathas that I would ask my grandmother to make for me every picnic day in school. It would be kind of elaborate to make for an everyday tiffin, but once in a year, I would ask my granny and she would oblige, waking up at an ungodly hour and preparing this from scratch. However, my son loves pasta with broccoli or any other veggies. He loves pasta in any form and he typically asks me for pasta in his lunch box on what he calls, 'fun day Friday'!

RECIPES BY Nandita Iyer

Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe by Nandita Iyer
Day 1 / Week 7
10 mins
Pasta Egg Fritter Recipe by Nandita Iyer
Day 2 / Week 7
20 mins
Spanish Tortilla Recipe by Nandita Iyer
Day 3 / Week 7
15 mins
Penne in Tomato Sauce Recipe by Nandita Iyer
Day 4 / Week 7
15 mins
Besan Tomato Omelette Recipe by Nandita Iyer
Day 5 / Week 7
10 mins